Thursday, April 4, 2013

What If...What If

Dear Em,
Sometimes we need to distract you. Like when I'm getting you ready in the morning & you've decided to make it your life's mission for me to make me as miserable as possible during the process (pretty much every morning for us lately). Sometimes, I need to distract you from your mission. So, the other day while I was fixing your hair, I gave you a word problem.

"What if you had three popsicles, but then you ate one? How many would be left?" To my surprise, you exclaimed "Two!!!!" After that we quizzed each other back & forth with word problems. You're actually pretty good...well, as long as we don't start with a number higher than four. It's become one of your favorite things to do- when we're waiting in line, when we're driving in your car, when we're hanging out as a family.

Except you don't call them word problems. You call them jokes. "Take it away Daddy. Wanna give me a joke?" The best ever is when you give your own "joke". "What if. What if! WHAT IF, you had three babies but then two of them bumped their heads & died...forever. How many would you have left?"

It's a fun game that we love to play as a family now, & it makes my heart happy to see you learning & growing. It's so amazing to just watch you think.

Well, & it's also a really great distraction (wink wink).

I love you so,

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