Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Our Little Baby Burrito

Dear Em,
You were a newborn in the peak days of winter. To keep you warm & cozy, we used to swaddle you up in sometimes more than one blanket. Daddy laughed & said you looked just like a little baby burrito. You weren't our baby burrito for very long. Soon you preferred to squiggle & wiggle around. You no longer wanted to be confined in the warm cocoon of your blanket burrito. You discarded most of your blankets altogether, preferring to snuggle up to your Lamby.

Until recently.

The other night you grasped at a baby blanket, snuggling into it & calling it your snuggy. I knew something was up. I pulled you up onto my lap & asked you what was going on. With very serious eyes, you told me that you had to act like a baby because I had told you to stay little. You were convinced that I thought you had been cuter as a baby, & that was why I didn't want you to grow up so quickly.

My heart broke.

I wrapped you up in my arms & told you it's true I had asked you to stop growing up so quickly. I confessed that time is passing all too quickly for me. Soon you will be grown up & off on your own. You won't need me as much, & I won't be able to pull you in for snuggles whenever I want. But of course I think you're cute. You grow more adorable & beautiful every day...& more smart & strong & kind & energetic & witty. As fast as it seems to be happening, you will continue to grow up. And since you're growing up, maybe Lamby is best for snuggles & "blankies" are best for making baby dolls into baby burritos.

You snuggled me in & promised you would always need me. I'm going to hold you to that. You may no longer be my baby burrito, but you will always be my little love.

I love you so,

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Draw Me Disney World

Dear Em,
You love to color & draw. It's amazing to me how much you've progressed since drawing your very first picture of a person. Now you draw rainbows & flowers...& other things that I'm not really sure what they are.

A few weeks ago you drew me a picture. You beamed with pride as you showed it to me, & I thanked you for the wonderful gift. Apparently I was going to have to work for the very special gift.

Em: I gave you a picture. Now you have to draw one for me.
Me: Em, I'm trying to get ready for work. I can't draw you a picture right now.
Em: You HAVE to. I drew one for you. Now you have to draw one for me.
Me: Em, I really don't have time for this right now.
Em: draw me a picture of Disney World.
Me: Disney World?! I'm not even that great at drawing. There's no way I can draw that.
Em: You HAVE to. I drew you a picture. So, now you HAVE to draw me a picture of Disney World.

Sigh, you can be a tad bit on the bossy side (clearly, you take after Daddy).

I kinda had to put my foot down on this one. It was either that or go to work naked. I explained to you that just because you draw a picture for someone, doesn't mean someone has to draw a picture for you. I also explained that you can't demand what someone else draws.

You rolled your eyes at me & left to draw your own picture of Disney World.

You drew Daisy, Rapunzel, Bullseye, Woody, Minnie Mouse, You, Stitch, Peter Pan, Ariel, Lilo, Buzz Lightyear, & Jessie riding on a roller coaster (I couldn't make out half of that, but you know who everyone is). It was actually pretty stinkin' adorable.

You got your picture of Disney World & I got to leave for work (completely clothed) with a smile on my face. It was a good morning in our house.

I love you so,

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cleaning Trampolines

Dear Em,
I understand now why you're not supposed to wear shoes on a trampoline. After years of not really holding firm to that rule, our trampoline is filthy. You wouldn't notice it by looking at it, but after a few minutes of jumping blacks marks cover our bodies. Yours especially. It's never a good idea to let you jump around on the trampoline unless we plan to give you a bath right after.

A few weeks ago I gave you & your little best friend scrub brushes, sponges, a bucket of soapy water, & put you to work. The two of you scrubbed & jumped, scrubbed & jumped. I had to refill the bucket of water three times with all the bouncy scrubbing.

We paid you in Dels. I think it was a fair trade.

Unfortunately the trampoline doesn't seem to be any cleaner. You are still covered in black from head to toe after jumping around...which means lots of baths.

I want my money Dels back.

Does anyone know how to clean a trampoline?

I love you so,

Monday, July 28, 2014

Narragansett Balancing Rocks

Dear Em,
For as long as I've been going to the wall, I've seen balancing rock towers. You love to find them among the rocks that line the Narragansett Wall. Some are small stacks, & some are almost as tall as me. We all look at them in awe. I couldn't even begin to attempt a creation of my own. When I think about it, visions of rocks crashing down & crushing my feet fill my head.

Uncle Jared looked at them in a different way. Instead of being completely in awe, he said "I can do that." So, the two of you built balancing rock towers together. You picked out the rocks & Uncle Jared carefully built the towers.

I don't know if he knows how much it meant to you to build rock towers with him. You've always been on the looking side, & it was a really special thing for you to be on the creating side of something that we've marveled at since before you were born. Instead of looking at random balancing rocks in awe, I was looking at my little brother in awe...& so were you.

I love you so,

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Emma & Nonnie

Dear Em,
The first summer Nonnie came to stay with us you were teeny & squishy & an absolute joy. I loved watching the two of you snuggle together. I loved watching you look up at Nonnie & giggle. It's an amazing thing to watch your mother love your child & your child love your mother.

Somehow four years have gone by, & this is our fifth summer with Nonnie. You are still an absolute joy (most of the time), but you're not so teeny or squishy anymore. You & Nonnie (or Non as you sometimes call her) are buddies in the most adorable way. You both infuriate each other at times in a way that best buddies sometimes do, but there is no one you would rather have read you books & put you to bed at night. Nonnie is your favorite to play Barbies with, & you always have to sit right next to her. My heart is so full watching the two of you together & the special relationship you have developed.

We were recently shopping together & I found a pillow that said, "even if you weren't my mother, I would still choose you for my friend." It's true. I'm so thankful for the special summers we have with Nonnie.

I love you so,

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Friday Nights at the Wall

Dear Em,
On fabulous Friday nights, our favorite way to unwind after a week of work is to head to the wall. We typically start out at Monahan's with some clamcakes & chowder. Daddy loves how much of a Rhode Islander you are.

Then we work off all the yummy food by walking down past the towers.

You like to give us a performance in your "ka-zee-bo" in the grassy field across from the towers.

Sometimes there are bands playing at the ka-zee-bo. Families gather around on blankets & camping chairs. The music plays in front of us, & you can hear the sound of the waves behind. It's such a quaint, little town experience that makes my heart so happy. You get a little frustrated to see other people on YOUR ka-zee-bo, but you then you realize there is room for everyone to share.

You like to make new friends.

We head over to Nana's for amazing gelato.

Then we work off that yumminess by walking back along the wall. We look at the houses along the ocean, the waves, & the rock sculptures/towers as we walk back.

Sigh. It's really my favorite to share nights like this with my family.

I love you so,

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

outdoor movies in our backyard

Dear Em,
I think you were an infant the first time I saw someone online make an outdoor movie theater in their own backyard. It looked so stinkin' cute & incredibly fun, & I wanted to have outdoor movies in our own backyard. The only problem is that you can't start outdoor movies until after dark. Since keeping you up past 10pm pretty much guaranteed you would turn into a cranky monster in years past, outdoor movies were never really an option for us. After the outdoor movie at Ninigret park was such a hit, I really, really wanted to fulfill my dream of having an outdoor movie in our own backyard. When your dance recital DVD came in, it was like fate was telling me the time was now by giving us the perfect show for our very first home screening.

Your uncle Jared was our amazing "tech guy" who put everything together. Using duct tape, he hung a white sheet on the back of our garage. Then he hooked his computer up to a projector. As we waited for dark you & S played on the trampoline, Daddy & I moved seats in front of the big screen, & Nonnie made popcorn.

I was bubbling with excitement. I couldn't wait for you two littles to see yourselves on a big screen. When it finally got dark, we coved ourselves in blankets, & the show began. We watched & ate popcorn & clapped during each number. S commented on how great the dancing was (especially for the older groups), & you commented on whether or not you liked the costumes (black costumes were not your favorite). When S's & your dance numbers appeared on the screen, pride filled my heart yet again. We laughed & clapped as we watched you two dance with such personality.

It was such a simple & yet amazing family activity. It didn't cost us any money, we didn't have to travel anywhere, & it was one of my favorite moments from this summer- one that I hope we can recreate again this summer & many summers beyond.

I love you so,

Monday, July 21, 2014

Providence Waterfire 2014

Dear Em,
Although our experience last year was a little hectic & a little crazy, we returned to Providence Waterfire a few weeks ago. Nonnie loves Waterfire, & I wanted to take her back. We also had a lot of other family visiting, & I was excited to introduce them to one of my favorite things about summertime in Rhode Island...even if it meant taking two young children with us.

Not wanting to make the same mistake as last time, I think I asked you & your adorable, little best friend to go to the bathroom 57,000 times before we headed to Providence for Waterfire. We parked at the Covention Center (parking there was a little more pricey than I remember it being, but I like how easy it is to leave the Convention Center & get on the highway) & walked over to the Waterfire basin. As we walked, I was pleasantly surprised to notice porta potties. I felt my body relax. This time there would be no potty emergency fiasco like last year (which of course meant this time you never needed to go to the bathroom...sigh).

Papi bought Dels for our whole group before heading to sit on the grassy lawn just above the basin. The grass would actually make a perfect Providence picnic spot. Maybe next time we visit Waterfire, we can pack a picnic dinner for the grass before the fire lightings.

After eating Dels, you & S got a little chilly. Having only the jacket I was wearing, I improvised.

We had a little more time to wait than I had planned for. You & S got a little antsy. While the people around us seemed enchanted by your little "performances," I was a little worried about the two of you launching down the hill & taking everyone out as you went. So, I allowed myself to use a little bit of technology to calm two very antsy little girls.

The lighting started at dusk, & we were in a perfect spot to watch it all. It almost seemed like the lighting of an Olympic torch as we watched the procession march in. It was just as they were ceremoniously lighting the first fires, that my aunt Wendy noticed smoke coming from Providence Place Mall, just to the right of the Waterfire event. Suddenly, everyone's attention turned from the Waterfire basin to the mall. "Is that part of the Waterfires too," my aunt asked. I assured her that the mall is not supposed to be part of the Waterfire fires as we heard sirens & saw firetrucks rush in. We watched the windows fill up with smoke, & I thanked God that we had parked at the Convention Center instead of the mall.

Soon the smoke died down, & the firetrucks began to leave (I guess a car had caught fire in the parking garage?). Everyone's attention returned to the beauty of the actual Waterfire event. We sat for a while, taking in the peacefulness of the music & fire. It was so much fun to enjoy it all with family.

Maybe it was because we had been sitting for a while, maybe it was because people had run over to the mall to check the status of their cars & the fire, but much of the crowd had cleared out by the time we began walking. For the first time I think you were able to really enjoy walking through Waterfire, because you didn't have crowds standing in front of you blocking the beautiful views. You got to see the boats of people loading the firewood. I pointed out the beautiful chandeliers under the bridges. You loved seeing people ferried around on the gondolas. I really enjoyed walking along, hand in hand with you.

We stopped & bought a ton of the World's Best Popcorn (Nonnie's favorite), before heading back to where we parked. We took the longer, scenic route back- walking along the water & taking in our last glimpses of the fire.

We made it back to our car & dressed you in your PJs before heading home. You fell asleep with a sweet smile on your face during the drive, & I thought about how fortunate we are. I love the state we live in, the fun & beautiful things Rhode Island offers, & that we're able to share it all with so many people we love. Thanks, Providence Waterfire, for an amazing experience & a fantastic family memory.

I love you so,
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