Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Our Little Baby Burrito

Dear Em,
You were a newborn in the peak days of winter. To keep you warm & cozy, we used to swaddle you up in sometimes more than one blanket. Daddy laughed & said you looked just like a little baby burrito. You weren't our baby burrito for very long. Soon you preferred to squiggle & wiggle around. You no longer wanted to be confined in the warm cocoon of your blanket burrito. You discarded most of your blankets altogether, preferring to snuggle up to your Lamby.

Until recently.

The other night you grasped at a baby blanket, snuggling into it & calling it your snuggy. I knew something was up. I pulled you up onto my lap & asked you what was going on. With very serious eyes, you told me that you had to act like a baby because I had told you to stay little. You were convinced that I thought you had been cuter as a baby, & that was why I didn't want you to grow up so quickly.

My heart broke.

I wrapped you up in my arms & told you it's true I had asked you to stop growing up so quickly. I confessed that time is passing all too quickly for me. Soon you will be grown up & off on your own. You won't need me as much, & I won't be able to pull you in for snuggles whenever I want. But of course I think you're cute. You grow more adorable & beautiful every day...& more smart & strong & kind & energetic & witty. As fast as it seems to be happening, you will continue to grow up. And since you're growing up, maybe Lamby is best for snuggles & "blankies" are best for making baby dolls into baby burritos.

You snuggled me in & promised you would always need me. I'm going to hold you to that. You may no longer be my baby burrito, but you will always be my little love.

I love you so,

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