Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Face Painting

Dear Em,
As a parent, there are some things I want more for you than you want for yourself. Face painting, for instance, has been one of those things. Face painting has come a long way since I was a child. I used to have the option of a butterfly or a flower painted on my cheek. Now you can get your face painted to be a butterfly or a flower. There is glitter & jewels. Sigh, like life without smart phones & internet, you will never understand how much lamer face painting used to be.

I've been dying to see you all painted up! You? Not so much. Every time we have passed a face painting booth, you've turned up your nose while simultaneously giving me that stubborn don't-even-think-this-is-going-to-go-your-way look. The most I had been able to talk you into is getting a flower painted on your arm.

Until recently.

I've found a secret weapon. If there is another child with us who wants to do something, usually you will want to do it too. Maybe that's actually sorta like peer pressure, & I'm a bad parent for using it as my secret weapon. I don't care, because for the first time ever you got your face painted, & it was amazing.

When we mentioned face painting, your best friend S couldn't wait. So, you couldn't wait either. You went first. Of course you chose a princess design.

Then little S went. She chose a different princess design.

Then I thought, "what the heck," & I got my face painted too (is it possible I just wanted you to do it so it would give me an excuse to get my face painted too?).

Nonnie even joined in the fun.

We spent the rest of the Charlestown Seafood Festival with our painted princess faces riding rides, making our way through activity houses, & dancing to music.

The evening ended with an amazing firework display.

It was such a fun filled night that we got to share with little S, Daddy, Nonnie, Grandma, & Papa. It was definitely my favorite Charlestown Seafood Festival adventure yet. On the way home, we talked about our 3 favorite things from the day. What topped my list? Face painting, of course. That day will always be the very first day you got your face painted, & it was every bit as amazing as I had hoped.

I love you so,

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