Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Time at Fenway

Dear Em,
I love the history involved in baseball. It makes my heart happy that the love of the game & the love of a team is passed down from generation to generation. And it's one thing to watch it on TV, but there's nothing like the very first time you go to a MLB game. The smell of the food, the smack of the bat, the roar of the's magical.

We're waiting to introduce you to that magic at Fenway Park. We want you to really be able to experience & enjoy your first game there. We want you to fall in love with the experience just like your daddy & I & our daddy's before us. Last year we took you to your very first baseball game to see the PawSox at McCoy stadium. You did great for a wiggly 2.5 year old, but it really just reinforced the notion that we needed to wait before bringing you to Fenway.

That doesn't stop us from trying to bring you up as the RedSox fan we hope you'll be. At the age of one, you made daddy swoon when you said "Go RedSox! Yankees Stink!" At two years old, our whole family melted listening to you sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." At three, you're favorite song is "Sweet Caroline." We're very proud.

While we're waiting to take you to a game, that doesn't mean we couldn't at least introduce you to our favorite ballpark. So, a few weeks ago we took you for a tour at Fenway Park. Nonnie, Papi, & your Uncle Jared came too. It was Nonnie, Uncle Jared, & your first time entering the gates of Fenway. It was so fun to explore all the different areas of the park (you got to stand on the Green Monster at just 3.5 years old!), & even Papi learned new things about his beloved ballpark & team.

Again, we were reminded that we need to wait before bringing you to a whole game. We were lucky to be constantly moving during the tour, because sitting & listening for long periods of time is still not your forte. After the tour we let you pick our lunch destination, Sweet Caroline's (where you did a beautiful rendition of the song), & then took you to the Boston Children's Museum to let you get your wiggles out.

It was such a fun day for everyone in my very favorite city. While we're going to wait before we bring you to your first game at Fenway, it made my heart so happy to share some of the magic with you at this age.

I love you so,


  1. Such a fun day! Visiting Fenway would be such a treat. Love the "green monster seating" sign.

  2. There's nothing like visiting a ballpark :) Thanks for stopping by.


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