Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Friday Nights at the Wall

Dear Em,
On fabulous Friday nights, our favorite way to unwind after a week of work is to head to the wall. We typically start out at Monahan's with some clamcakes & chowder. Daddy loves how much of a Rhode Islander you are.

Then we work off all the yummy food by walking down past the towers.

You like to give us a performance in your "ka-zee-bo" in the grassy field across from the towers.

Sometimes there are bands playing at the ka-zee-bo. Families gather around on blankets & camping chairs. The music plays in front of us, & you can hear the sound of the waves behind. It's such a quaint, little town experience that makes my heart so happy. You get a little frustrated to see other people on YOUR ka-zee-bo, but you then you realize there is room for everyone to share.

You like to make new friends.

We head over to Nana's for amazing gelato.

Then we work off that yumminess by walking back along the wall. We look at the houses along the ocean, the waves, & the rock sculptures/towers as we walk back.

Sigh. It's really my favorite to share nights like this with my family.

I love you so,

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