Monday, February 20, 2012

The Wall

Dear Em,
The wall at Narragansett, Rhode Island is a special place for us. Daddy & I walked it countless times when we were in college. Daddy proposed on the beach just beyond the wall. I walked it with my favorite ladies the morning of my wedding day & went to Dad's Place for breakfast (omg, I miss Dad's Place). After college, Daddy & I moved to Connecticut for a little while. It was while we were walking the wall (during one of our many weekends back in RI) that we decided Rhode Island was where we wanted to settle & call home.

On the beach beyond the wall, just after we were engaged.

Sitting on the wall, watching the sun rise with my sister.
Wedding Day 2008

So, it was fitting when you were only four weeks old, & we had our first winter day that wasn't absolutely freezing, that we bundled up & took you for your first walk at the wall.

You mostly slept, but it was a special day for Daddy & I. We were introducing you to one of the places in Rhode Island that we love most. It was a gorgeous February day.

Since then, we've been on so many walks at the wall. Sometimes we end with a walk on the beach or ice cream at Nana's or clam cakes & stuffies at Monahans. Sometimes there is a band playing at the gazebo, & we enjoy a free concert.

With your best friend
3 months old
With Nonnie
On the beach with a view of the Towers.
6.5 months old

With Mommy
There's a lot of rock art.
7 months old

With little S, your "big sister"
7.5 months old

With Daddy. You could walk!
14 months old
With Daddy & Mommy
16 months old
With Daddy
It's hard to see the ocean from the stroller.
16 months old.

Eating clam cakes at Monahans Clam Shack.
19 months old
This weekend temperatures were in the mid 40s. This is amazing weather for February in Rhode Island. So, we packed you a lunch & headed to the park. We needed fresh air, all of us. As you were climbing up the slide, Daddy mentioned that it would be a good day for a walk at the wall. It was a great day for the wall. So, we gave you a picnic at the park & then drove to the special place we have driven so many times before.

This time I noticed something was different. You were different. You walked for the most part (except when we carried you or put you on our shoulders) instead of riding in the stroller. All of a sudden I realized what was truly different. For the very first time, your head cleared the wall. You could see the ocean over the wall. I couldn't believe it. You've grown so much. 

This time, you had fun talking about the birds & the rocks & the waves you saw. You could actually see them as we walked. You talked to the puppies we walked past, & enjoyed going at your own pace.

We've had two years of walking the wall with you. In the beginning you slept in the travel system, then in the baby bjorn. We've taken you in the stroller & the wagon & held you. This time you walked on your own (for the most part).

Each walk has put a smile in my heart. I hope we have many many more years of walking the wall.

I love you so,


  1. What a sweet note. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration! I found your post on Design Mom's link-up. I wrote about loving the historical immersion of Massachusetts. We will definitely take a road trip to see "the wall."

    1. Thanks. I know, this Design Mom link up is so fun. I love to explore the things around us. It's a little hard in the winter sometimes, but New England is so near & dear to my heart. It was some of the most historical & beautiful treasures. We love Massachusetts, & I'll have to check out your post for a future road trip.

  2. This is so sweet & lovely. I love that you are giving your Em such a sense of place & family history. I live way out West (linked up also with DM) and have never been to New England!

    1. Thanks, Kelly. I lived out West when I was younger & loved the beautiful places to explore out there different from the hilly, leafy grounds of New England. I hope someday we can take Em exploring out West too.

  3. What a wonderful place to live near and to have such fond memories of. I love that you have photos of all those special times.

    1. Thanks. It's sometimes annoying to those surrounded by the photo flashes. When we compile all the memories, it's more than worth it. :)

  4. Stopping by from Design Mom. I love this beach! I lived in Connecticut one summer when I met my husband... he used to take me to this beach and teach me to surf when we were dating.

    1. Awww, so fun! I'm still hoping one year Brian & I can take surfing lessons together. I'm going to have to talk him into it.


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