Tuesday, February 28, 2012

our gnomes

Dear Em,
Yesterday we gave Daddy two garden gnomes for his birthday week celebration. Aren't they cute? When we were in Florida, Aunt A & L had a Florida State garden gnome. Daddy was a little jealous that our garden lacked sporty gnome fun.

They're available on Amazon, & I was going to order Daddy one. When I saw that they were less expensive at a cute shop at Olde Mistick Village called Taylors Sports (such a fun shop, I've never seen so many sports related things all in one place), I decided to get two. We don't want them to be lonely.

We gave them to Daddy yesterday, & you wanted to know what their names were. You asked if they were named Gnomeo & Juliet (we've been watching the movie on Netflix). I suggested we name them & thought of some names. My favorites would be Brady-O & Gnomey-Tek (Tom Brady & Jason Varitek). You shot down those names with a decisive "no." "How about Patri-O & Gnomey-Sox," I suggested. You answered with another firm "no." "Well, what do you want to name them," I asked. "Gnomeo & Juliet," you replied obviously.

Later that night you were sleeping & Daddy & I were up talking & laughing about the ways you make us smile. "You realize we're probably going to name your gnomes Gnomeo & Juliet, right," I said to Daddy with a smile. "Yup, just like Elf on a Shelf," Daddy laughed as he replied (I talked in this post about when it was time to name our Elf on a Shelf, "Elf on the Shelf"was the only name you would agree to).

I don't think we can ever get a dog. I think you'll just want to name it dog. For now I think we're just excited that two gnomes have joined our family.

I love you so,

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