Wednesday, February 29, 2012

bowling bowling bowling

Dear Em,
On Tuesday nights we have dinner with Grandma & Papa. Last night we surprised Daddy by meeting Grandma & Papa at the bowling alley. We went to Kingston Bowl in North Kingstown. I had scored a Groupon for bowling for 4 people (I heart Groupon). We ordered a pizza & had a blast spending the night doing some old fashioned bowling.

This was your second time bowling & you were beyond excited. You called it "playing ball." The whole time you were jumping & dancing (thank goodness there were empty lanes on either side of us). You also helped almost all of us bowl throughout the night. It was a perfect way for you to let out some energy on a cold winter night. It didn't come as a surprise to Daddy & I that you were falling asleep during the ride home.

We all had fun. Papa showed off some serious bowling skills (you & he spent a lot of time finding the perfect ball). Daddy & Grandma were pretty good too. I scored a 38. That's right, a 38. Daddy was sweet & said that was probably due to the fact that you & I bowled together most of the time. Unfortunately, I bowled just as many gutter balls with you as without. I still claim the lanes were slanted (ok, probably not). Bowling just isn't my game, but it was still a fun night to share with everyone.

Soon, we plan to try duck pin bowling. We're hoping the balls will be small enough that you can bowl by yourself. Daddy says duck pin bowling is a Rhode Island thing, is it?

I love you so,

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