Wednesday, February 8, 2012

lunch with dinosaurs & lots of Lego fun

Dear Em,
During our Florida trip, we discovered a place where you can enjoy Disney magic without having to pay to get into a park. Downtown Disney is a fun, outdoor area filled with shops, restaurants & entertainment. After some much needed relaxing pool time the day after our Disney experience, we headed there for lunch.

I've never had a lunch like the one we had that day, because I've never eaten in the midst of dinosaurs before. We ate at the T-Rex Cafe. Once inside, we were greeted by a T-Rex. I don't claim to be an expert on dinosaurs, & I'm not quite sure how big T-Rex's were, but this one was awfully big to you.

You were happy to be escourted away to the prehistoric ocean area, where we sat to eat. It was the perfect place for children. You got to color on your menu. It didn't matter how loud you got, the restaurant was always louder. Every 15 minutes we were entertained by a thunder & lightening storm. It was really cool.

You started to get antsy toward the end of lunch. While Daddy, Aunt A, & L finished their lunches & paid the bill, you & I walked around. We found some dinosaurs that you weren't frightened of, a triceratops & her baby. I guess dinosaurs are less scary when they're "Mommy" & "Baby" dinosaurs. You were so excited to pet the baby triceratops.

The T-Rex cafe wasn't just a restaurant, it was an experience. We stopped by the Woolly Mammoths standing beneath a snowfall on the way out. You were excited to see baby Woolly Mammoths, but got a little uneasy when you looked up & saw the size of the "Mama."

We left & went next door to the Lego Imagination Center. I've never seen so many Lego's in my life. There was an area to shop, areas to build & play, & areas with amazing Lego displays. We had a blast without even spending any money.

Yup, that is a Woody & Buz on a Rocket Ship display made completely out of Lego's.

I hadn't seen you play with Lego's before, & it was so fun to watch you build & create. The larger Lego's were definitely better for your little hands. Aunt A & L had fun building & creating too.

Can you believe that dragon behind you was made out of Lego's?! It was sitting in water. How do they do that? Blows my mind.

After our Lego fun, we walked around Downtown Disney for a little while. It was so nice to take in all of the fun sites while getting some Florida sun on our faces.

Next time, I want a ride on on this hot air balloon.

Right before we left, we made wishes in the fountain. You like to sing, "I'm wishing" (from the movie Snow White) when you make your wishes. It was the perfect ending to our Orlando fun.

I love you so,

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