Thursday, February 16, 2012

your hippo

Dear Em,
Now that you're doing more on your own, you needed a step stool for the bathroom sink. We were going to give it to you as one of your birthday presents, you've been so excited for "big-girl" things. We thought it would be fun to give you something that would be one more step to being independent.

The task of finding you a stool was not simple. I wanted something that was wooden & the color needed to somewhat go with our downstairs bathroom. I didn't want anything personalized or too girly incase we have a second child. I also didn't want one with any type of storage. Storage within a step stool that people stand on in a bathroom just kind of grosses me out.

I remembered seeing a double step stool at Pottery Barn Kids that I liked.  Unfortunately, they only had the single step available for purchase, & I didn't think it would put you high enough. I had time, though (I started your Christmas & birthday shopping well before Thanksgiving). I kept checking back, but the double step stool never became available.

I checked a number of different places, but the stools were either too expensive or not what I was looking for. My sister finally suggested I look at what was available on I'm so glad she did. They had some of the most unique & adorable step stools. That's where I found your hippo. It was only one step, but the dimensions were listed & the one step seemed high enough. With shipping costs, it was a little more pricey than I had planned to spend, but it was worth it. Times Past Toys did such a wonderful job with it (they have a bunch of other animal stools too). Our hippo is durable & handmade & adorable & unique & precious.

You love it. When you go to brush your teeth, you tell me that first you have to stand on your hippo. You grab it & push it in front of the sink. Your hippo makes you excited to brush your teeth & wash your hands. You're proud that you are closer to doing things by yourself.

We're so happy to have brought your hippo into our family.

I love you so,

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