Thursday, February 2, 2012

I pooped again...

Dear Em,
We were in sunny Florida. It was another gorgeous day, the day after our Disney adventure. We were happy to be doing a little relaxing before exploring Orlando some more. You, Daddy, & I were floating around in the hot tub. There was another couple & their 3 kids soaking in the hot tub as well.

That's when you said one of the most embarrassing things you could have said at that moment, "Mommy, I pooped again."

My face immediately felt hot & I could feel the color rushing to it. The other couple in the hot tub gave us a look, & I'm sure they were thinking about how quickly they could sprint their family out of the hot tub & shower off.

Except there were two things (which we sheepishly told the other family). First, you were wearing a swimming diaper. Second, this has become something that you just say.

You used to tell us when your diaper needed to be changed, & you were pretty spot on. Recently, you tell us, "I pooped again" frequently whether you've pooped or not. We're not sure why. It all started after the stomach bug hit our house. After the vomiting was over, you had days of diarrhea. One night you woke up several times crying because you had repeated diarrhea (I know, TMI, right? You're going to kill me when you're older). It broke our hearts to watch you continue to go through so much discomfort as you fought the stomach bug out of your system.

We're now happy that you're healthy, but the effects linger as you tell us 20 times a day, "I pooped again." The other day, you came up to me & said, "seriously, Mommy, I pooped." I couldn't help but laugh at your "seriously," but immediately felt frustrated when I checked you & you were dry. At times you freak out, crying & sometimes tantruming until we change your diaper...your absolutely dry diaper. These diaper tantrums seem to occur at the most inopportune times, like when we were halfway through a line at Disney World or when we're in the car & 15 minutes away from our destination or when we were sitting in a public hot tub.

All we can do is continue to check you 20 times a day & hope that potty training happens soon. Have any other Mommy & Daddys out there gone through this with their little ones?

In spite of it all, we had a lot of pool fun on our vacation. You're a little fish in the water. It's so cute to watch you kick your feet, but you love swimming in our arms best.

Yup, there was a pirate ship in the pool. It was also a water slide, but the slide wasn't currently in use. So cool.

You love doing "jumps."

Warming up in the hot tub with Aunt A & Daddy.

Here's to hoping that by the time we're ready to get our bathing suits out in Rhode Island, you are potty trained.

I love you so,


  1. I love your posts so much ... they make me laugh ... they make me cry. Thank you.

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