Thursday, March 1, 2012

paper bags & bubble wrap

Dear Em,
There's a whole lot that can be spent on children's toys & videos, but this Saturday we spent a blissful hour playing with bubble wrap & two paper bags. It was amazing & fun & precious. We don't need real toys.

The bubble wrap came in a delivered package. After lunch you & I had a blast dancing & jumping to pop every last bubble. You were so excited as each bubble burst with a fun sound. After a little while, I noticed our cat Charlie. He was watching nearby, ready to pounce & join in the fun.

You've wanted to play with our cats in the worst way. The problem is you get so excited. They easily scare & run away. Charlie stuck around for the bubble popping, & you were so happy to play with him. When there were no more pops left to pop, I pulled out his favorite toy, a paper bag. I showed you how to gently rustle the bag, & we watched Charlie jump into the bag & tear it up as he wrestled around. You wanted to get into a bag too.

Once Charlie had ripped his bag to shreds, you swung your bag around trying to get him to swat at it.

He played for a little while. Inevitably, you were a little too excited with your bag swinging & he ran away. You walked over to Daddy & I with a sad little look on your face, holding your bag. "He doesn't want to play Bag anymore," you told us. It sounds mean, but Daddy & I couldn't help but giggle. It was just so darn cute. Your fun had a name, & it was called "playing bag." 

Thank goodness I caught the last few precious moments on video.

I love that through your eyes paper bags became a new, special game. Who needs fancy toys & TV when we've got each other, some bubble wrap, & a couple paper bags?

I love you so,

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