Friday, March 30, 2012

love letters

Dear Em,
Remember when I talked about posing for pictures on the Runaway Bunny at Wilcox Park in this post? I can't wait for you to find The Runaway Bunny book in your Easter basket this year.

The other day you told me you were going on an adventure "by myself!" I assume this was prompted by a Super Why episode where pig wants to go on an adventure on his own. Every day you do a little more yourself. Independence & stubbornness bud & grow every day. I look forward to what you will become, & yet I can't help but fear your teenage years & wonder if your independence will take you, my best friend, far away from us.

Just know, wherever your independent adventures take you, I will be there. I will be your biggest cheerleader during your triumphs & a ready shoulder during your failures. Even when we aren't together, I carry you in my heart. There is not a place far enough to keep you from me.

"Once there was a little Bunny who wanted to run away. 
So he said to his mother, 'I am running away.'
'If you run away,' said his mother, 'I will run after you.
For you are my little bunny.'"
- The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown

I love you so,

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