Monday, March 26, 2012

you have tubes

Dear Em,
Your tubes are in. The procedure went well. You did great. So, great. Holding you in my arms while you woke up, all groggy with anesthesia, couldn't have been sweeter.

I'll talk a little bit about the experience in my next post. For now, I'll just leave you with our conversation on the way to the ENT Center this morning.

Em: "Mommy, cherry cupcakes are my favorite." They asked us to dress you in something comfortable but not something that had to be pulled over the head. So, we picked your pink footie pajamas with different kinds of cupcakes covering them.

Me: "Oh yeah?"

Em: "Yes! So, I will have a cherry cupcake & Daddy can have a green cupcake. But you can have a cherry cupcake too."

Me: "Thanks, Em. You're the best. Hey, can we say our prayers for today?"

Em: "Ok."

Me: "God, help us to have a great day."

Em: "God, help us to have a great day."

Me: "Watch over me & keep me safe."

Em: "Watch over you, & keep you safe."

Me: "No, Em. Watch over you & keep you safe."

Em: "Keep me safe."

Me: "God, help me to feel better soon."

Em: "Help you feel better soon."

Me: "No, Em. Help you feel better soon."

Em: "Help me feel better soon....but Mom, we can't eat these cupcakes. They're on my jammies, & we can't eat my jammies. That'd be silly."

Me (with a smile in my heart): "Yes, yes that would Em."

I love you so,

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