Wednesday, March 21, 2012

are women worth less because they don't ask for more?

Dear Em,
I read this post written by someone who hires people for a multinational tech company. The hiring process at the company is identical for males & females & yet women are paid 65%-75% less. Why? Because the males typically negotiate their salary while most females take the first offer.

This kind of makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me sick to my stomach, because I know that I have accepted a first offer. I have my MBA & I've accepted a first offer. Augh.

I'm a sales person. Yet, when it comes to my personal life, I feel uncomfortable with negotiations. I'm sure often times, I pay more for things because of the fear of negotiating. What am I afraid of? Being laughed at? Angering someone? Being embarrassed? I'm not sure exactly. I guess I just grew up feeling like a sticker price meant more than it does.

The author of the post made some good points.

  • Don't be afraid to ask for more, it's not insulting or in any way going to affect your ability to be hired (we can always say no)
  • When you ask for more, give a number! If you let me pick, I will continue to lowball it.
  • Ask for raises, confident people get them more often than high performers in a heavy bureaucracy.

Happy hunting, and please, next time we meet, negotiate with me!

I read this a couple months ago & keeping thinking back to it as I face the possibility of having to negotiate for a new job. I hope that I can know that I am worth more. I hope that I can do better than I have done before.

I hope that by the time you enter the workforce, you know that you are worth more & you're not afraid to ask for it.

I love you so,

* Readers, what do you think about this? Have you taken the first offer or do you always negotiate? Are there any strategies you would suggest? *

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