Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Elf on a Shelf

Dear Em,
Last year your grandma bought you the Elf on the Shelf set. This year we began the Elf on the Shelf family tradition & it's been wicked fun. The first night we read the book we were asked to name our elf. You, being the original namer that you are, named ours Elf on a Shelf (your pink glow worm is named Pink & the blue glow worm is named Blue & your babies are all named Baby). There's a place to write in the name of the elf & the date we started the tradition. I wrote in the name in small writing, leaving room incase you're feeling a little more original next year.

We read the Elf on the Shelf book most nights. In the morning, you rush out of bed to find where the elf is hiding. When you find him, you giggle & squeal in delight.

I recently learned that there are all kinds of fun ideas on Pinterest for things your elf can be found doing. Like how fun is the elf making the snow angel in rice above? Maybe we'll get a little more creative & adventurous with our tradition next year.

It's such a fun family tradition that I hope we'll continue for many many years.

I love you so,

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