Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas party for your little friends

Dear Em,
You've grown up with two adorable girls. The three of you were born within two & a half months of each other, & it's been so amazing to watch you all grown & develop. At first you sat in side by side strollers during walks & shared tummy time on the same mat. Then you were sitting side by side in exersaucers. Next you pulled yourselves to standing & danced to the music of Super Why. Us mommies were amazed as you learned to feed yourselves & began to toddle & then run around. Now you have fascinating little conversations & personalities. I can't believe what smart little girls you three are, & I love to watch you play & explore.

We all got together for a Christmas party at our house last week. Daddy made the mistake of telling you about the party the night before & you were overcome with excitement. I don't think your school day could have passed by quickly enough. You spent the whole day telling your teachers that you were going to a party that night.

We made wreaths from your little toddler hands.

We opened gifts.

We ate snacks.

We played Simon Says.

We had a blast.

I think it's so fun that at the age of almost two you have such amazing gal pals. I love that we get together for celebrations throughout the year (or just a play date at the park). It's fascinating to watch you grow together & I'm so excited to see what the three of you become. Plus, I have the added bonus of having two supportive & fun Mommy friends to share it all with.

I love you so,

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