Wednesday, December 14, 2011

little milestones

Dear Em,
When I picked you up from school yesterday, I was planning to rush in & out as fast as possible. We had a Christmas party to get to. Things didn't go quite as planned, & I'm so glad they didn't. When I got inside your classroom, you were all amuck. You had pulled one of your pigtails out & your face was messy, typical toddler style.

As I smoothed out your hair & cleaned off your face, your teacher & I started to chat. Midway through the conversation she said, "Did you know she can spell her name?" I swear, I did a double take. I looked from her to you & from you to her, my mouth hanging open in astonishment. You've been singing your ABCs since before you were a year & a half, & you know that "E is for Emma." but spelling is not something we've even touched at home.

I knelt down right across from you & asked you if you would spell your name for Mommy. You gave me a kind of blank stare & began to pay attention to anything else. You're smart but you're stubborn, & you only share your tricks when you want to. I had actually pretty much given up when you looked right at me, gave me a confident grin, & said, "E...M...M...A."

That was it. Four letters. Four syllables. A feeling of absolute joy spread throughout my body. I can't explain in words how proud I was of you at that moment. You spelled your name, the very first thing you every spelled! I continued to kneel there, smiling & hugging you in my arms. I am so amazed by you. The moment was such a special & precious gift, a special & precious Christmas gift from my almost two year old daughter to me.

You spent the whole car ride home spelling your name over & over. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I think it was my favorite car ride yet.

I love you so,

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