Wednesday, December 7, 2011

getting dressed for work

Dear Em,
The other day you weren't feeling well. You had a double ear infection, & I could feel a tug on my heart every time you tugged on your ears. Daddy was going to stay home with you while I went off to work. You cried through our morning routine, only wanting to be held by me.

I sat in the shower with you for hoping that the steam would help. You love to splash & play in the shower. After 30 minutes we both looked like dried up prunes, & I had to get ready for work. I shut off the water, & you cried. You cried all through putting your diaper on & getting dressed in a pair of sweatpants & a long sleeved t-shirt.

I was still wrapped in a towel & holding you in my arms. I tried to sooth you as you cried, and I felt only guilt as I glanced at my watch & estimated how late I was going to be. In desperation I finally said, "Em, Mommy isn't even dressed. Can I get dressed?" Being the fashionista you are, you perked right up. "I will help you get dressed, Mommy," you exclaimed with all the sadness gone from your eyes.

As you ran off into my bedroom, I snuck into the bathroom to try to fix my hair the fastest I've ever fixed it. I could hear drawers opening & shutting. I could hear the sliding door opening & shutting. For a fleeting moment, I thought about the mess you were probably making. I immediately shook the thought out of my head. You weren't crying. You were happy. If it meat I would be cleaning up my dresser drawers for an hour later on, that was OK because for now you were content.

You ran into the bathroom so excited to show me what you had picked out for me to wear to work:
- 4 t-shirts
- 5 pairs of underwear
- 1 bathing suit top

I wondered if that was going to go along with my company dress code.

I walked into my bedroom prepared for the horror I would find. Surprisingly, there was no mess anywhere. You even shut all the drawers.

I guess even when you're not feeling well, you'll always have time for fashion.

I love you so,

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