Monday, December 12, 2011

photo gift fun

Dear Em,
Snapfish & I have been friends for a long time. Are you really surprised that someone who takes the amount of photos that I do has an obsession with vendors who specialize in photo prints & products? The holidays seem to be when I spend the bulk of my time ripping out my hair designing photo gifts.

I am so happy & relieved to say that all of this year's photo gifts are designed & ordered. I'm excited for Christmas. This year there were really fun photo gifts to choose from. These were some of my very favs.

I've always ordered photo ornaments from Snapfish, but Exposures had such cute ones this year. These ones are called Nostalgic Photo Ornaments, & I couldn't agree more. There is something so sweet & nostalgic about them. There were a variety of other photo ornaments. Most were super affordable.

Flameless LED Candle
Um, can I buy 50 of these? These are also from Exposures. How fun & affordable are these personalized candles? I have a feeling these are going to become a staple gift that we give.

Cookie/Candy Jars
I know I'm sounding like a little bit of a Exposures groupie, but this & this would bring a kitchen to a whole new level. I think these are so sweet...& not just because of the cookies & the candy.

I have recently learned that we will never have stainless steel appliances. I never knew that stainless steel refrigerators are only magnetic on the sides. It makes me sad that we will never have the sleek, silvery look, but I just couldn't lose my magnets. I like to collect magnets on our travels, but photo magnets are my favorite kind. They fill our entire fridge & I feel like it makes our kitchen a happy place. The best deal I found on photo magnets was at Walmart. I bought the sets of the 3 3x4 magnets for less than $10 a set. I bought some for us & some as gifts for others.

Christmas Cards
This is not our Christmas card, but it would have been if I had seen the tiny prints website before I ordered ours. If they still have these next year, this will be our Christmas card. I love the words, & I love love love that the circle cards come with ribbon & can also be used as an ornament. How fun is that?

It's become a tradition for me to make a calendar each Christmas for my parents & your daddy's parents. I used to make one for our home as well, but they have become so time consuming to make (me being the perfectionist I am). I love Snapfish the best for Calendar making. You can put up to 15 pictures on each month & additional pictures can be placed into each date. They also have really great deals around the holidays. It ends up being such a lovely reminder of precious memories from the year before. I love watching your Nonnie, Papi, Grandma, & Papa open them up on Christmas. Their eyes light up as they remember each special moment...sigh. So, although it took me an entire day to design just two calendars & I had a wicked migraine at the end of it all, I will probably make them again next year.

Photo Montage
The best photo gifts we've ever gotten have been photo montages. I'm not quite talented enough to do one well, but your aunt made one for our wedding & a hour long Emma's First Year montage. The way she puts photos & videos & music together...sigh, it's magic. Being able to watch our memories see how your daddy & I have grown see how you've's one of the most precious things I know. Gina will make montages for others too. Here is her business facebook page:

I've done other photo gifts, but these were my favorites for this season. I hope 30 years from now, you're decorating your tree with your Nostalgic Photo Ornament & telling your loves where it came from.

I love you so,

* Readers, do you enjoy a photo gift or would you prefer something without all the nostalgia covering it? What is your favorite photo gift this season? *

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