Thursday, December 8, 2011

How do you honestly feed a toddler?

Dear Em,
You are not exactly the most adventurous eater. We do have to thank God that you eat things like avocado & edamame, but if you had it your way your diet would consist of mostly of chicken nuggets & popcorn.

The other day you & your daddy practically wrestled for ten minutes over cantaloupe. He was trying to get you to just taste a piece. You locked your jaw so tight (it's amazing, your little toddler strength) & ran away. After a ten minute battle of wills, your daddy was able to slip the smallest taste of cantaloupe in your mouth. You smiled & said, “mmmm, this is yummy!” While you devoured what we had left on a plate for you, your daddy rose, practically dripping in sweat, & said “that’s what I was trying to tell you.”

If you would just try things.

So, I’m ashamed to confess, we have been calling some foods by other names just to get you to eat them. For instance, we refer to every meat in our house as chicken. Pork choips are chicken. Steak is chicken. This Thanksgiving our turkey was, you guessed it, chicken. Yes, we got some weird looks as we told you to eat your chicken during Thanksgiving dinner.

We know it’s wrong. We’re basically lying to you & more than a little worried that you are going to be extremely confused about food when you grow up. It’s the only way we can get you to eat what we eat (& I refuse to cook two family dinners each noight).

Are we permenantly scarring you? We hope not. Does anyone out there have any better ideas?

I love you so,

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