Monday, July 14, 2014

Our Little Shopper

Dear Em,
Many people talk about how raising children can be expensive. It's true. It all adds up. There's food & diapers & clothes & childcare & schooling & activities to pay for. Unfortunately, raising you will also be expensive in a whole different way, because you are addicted to shopping.

Maybe the first clue should have been the way, at the age of two, you would sit quietly next to me & help me choose outfits for you online. Maybe the joy in your face as you helped me shoe shop should have been a warning sign. I know it's normal for children to enjoy toy shopping, but you enjoy it all.

You love grocery shopping.

You beam when I ask you if you want to go clothes shopping.

We don't even necessarily have to shop for you. You equally enjoy shopping for long as I let you try on the clothes after I've tried them on.

A few weeks ago we went boutique shopping in Newport. A sales lady warmly looked at you browsing the racks of clothes with me. "Awwww, does she love shopping?" she asked us. You looked at her with a look that said "obviously." Then you turned to me and asked, "Mommy, who doesn't love shopping?!" You couldn't believe it could possibly be true. It would be like someone not liking Christmas or snuggles or the beach. I didn't want to burst your bubble, but Daddy could tell you a lot about not loving shopping.

I've realized we've created a monster...a shopaholic monster...a very cute & & lovable & very expensive shopaholic monster.

I love you so,

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