Monday, September 17, 2012

Our First Cross Country Meet

Dear Em,
Remember last year when I felt like I was just living out of a suit case? I'm starting to feel that way a little again this year. Vermont...North Carolina...Maryland...we've had such amazing adventures the past few weeks. But, boy, does it feel nice to come home, just the three of us. It's like nothing else to come home from a trip & sleep in your own bed.

I have so many posts to catch up on & memories to share, starting with our trip to North Carolina. So for now, I'm going to close my eyes & pretend my overflowing suitcase has already been put away, the laundry has already been done, & all the cat hair has been vacuumed up (I swear our cats had some kind of kitty kegger while we were hair EVERYWHERE).

One of the highlights of our North Carolina adventure was going to your uncle Jared's cross-country meet. I left for college when Jared was just 3 years old. Being so far away, I've missed a lot of the day-to-day things with my siblings. Things like their first day of school, watching them learn to ride a bike for the first time, their games & meets, taking a million pictures before prom & asking them about every detail makes me so sad not to be a part of it all. When we get to visit, I want to soak up as much of the everyday as possible. Plus, it doesn't really come as a big surprise to anyone that I was a cheerleader in high school. Cheering on my family is one of the things I love best.

So, it was exciting for us to go to our very first cross country meet & see Jared in action. It was a really large meet, with teams from all over the state. We jumped a little when we heard the first gun-shot go off to indicate the start of a race. It was so exciting to see the swarm of runners as they started the races.

And they're off!

We found a nice shaded spot near the finish line & waited for the Jared to pass by. Your papi saw him first, & we all started cheering just in time to see Jared kick it up & sprint to the finish line.

Here comes Jared!

Sprinting to the finish!

Jared did so great. He finished his race in the top third. We were wicked proud of him. Who knew cross country running could be so exciting?

You had so much fun cheering Uncle Jared on too. Hmmm, like mother like daughter? Will there be cheerleading in your future?

I love you so,

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