Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Your Triplets

Dear Em,
Nonnie & Papi sent us a fun care package filled with books & little baby triplets. You adore anything baby & your teeny triplets haven't left your side since you opened them up. They even shower with you.

Em: "Mommy these are my babies. I have ten babies."
Me: "10 Babies?! Wow, how do you manage to feed them all."
Em: "Well, they usual don't eat breakfrest. They don't have any teeth."
Me: "Oh, don't they at least drink milk?"
Em: "Nope."
Me: "Oh, well what are their names?" (totally expecting them all to be named Baby)
Em: "Well, I usual only have three right now. This one is Lace-O."
Me: "Lace-O?"
Em: (rolling her eyes) "Yes."
Me: "Oh, that's an unusual name. What are the other two named?"
Em: "Well, this one is Nagnus & this one is Jayden."
Me: "Wow, those are really...special names. Are they boys or girls?"
Em: "They're all girls. I only have girls in my world."

Ten minutes later.

Em: "Hey, Mom, I decided that this one is a boy now. I can have boys in my world."
Me: "Oh, what is that one named now."
Em: (absolutely rolling her eyes) "His name is still Jayden!"

How did I not know that?

Later in the day, you set our dining room table with plates & food from your kitchen set, put two of your teeny triplets into your booster seat, & sat down to have "breakfrest" with them. I guess they do eat food now afterall.

You can just barely see them in your seat.

Is it funny to anyone else that you call every meal you eat "breakfrest"?

I love you so,


  1. hahaha, Stephanie calls every meal breakfast too! And wow....those are some teeny tiny babies!

  2. I know they are! We lost one when we were having dinner with Heather & Matt at Crazy Burger, but at least Em has the other 2 to console her :)


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