Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our DIY Owl Christmas Ornaments

Dear Em,
I've loved sweet, little owls since you were born. Your room is filled with them & so are some of your outfits. So, when your teachers announced last month that you would be studying owls in the classroom, you couldn't be more excited. You were excited to bring in books & stuffed animals from home to add to the lessons. Probably your favorite part of the lesson plan was the field trip to look at and talk about real life owls. You came home & told us all about their curved beaks, talons, & silent feathered wings.

I saw the most adorable photo of a little owl Christmas ornament & thought making our own would be especially fitting for our DIY Christmas ornaments this year. You were already excited to be crafting with me, but making owls made you even more excited.

First we went to the store to buy supplies. This project was relatively cheap. The supplies cost around $30 to make more than 20 ornaments. We needed:
- cinnamon scented pinecones
- gold felt, brown felt, tan felt, white felt (We bought two squares of each)
- glittery gold paint
- buttons
- thin cranberry ribbon

From the felt, I cut out gold triangles for the beak, brown wings, gold hearts for the feet, & figure eight shapes in tan & white for the eyes.

You helped by painting the pinecones in glittery gold (& a few in glittery pink for you & some of your special friends). Our paint stunk, & I wondered if it even mattered that we were using cinnamon scented pinecones, but the cinnamon scent came right back once the paint dried.

Unfortunately, that was the extent of you being able to help with this DIY project. I had to use a glue gun to put everything together, & I didn't want you to get burned. I spent a couple nights after you went to bed putting them all together while movies played in the background (I find the Christmastime is the best time for rewatching movie & TV show marathons). While it was time consuming (more so than last year's ornaments), it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. And we just love how our cute little ornaments came out.

You are thrilled to give little gifts to our friends & family & your teachers that you helped make this year. I truly enjoyed crafting with my little love. I can't tell you how amazing it is to have a little crafting buddy.

I love you so,

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