Monday, December 9, 2013

Your First Letters

Dear Em,
You've come a long way with your writing since this summer. A couple months ago you even wrote your first letters. We were sending a Halloween surprise to Nonnie & Papi, & I knew they would love a message from you most of all. I asked you what you wanted each leter to say, one for Nonnie & one for Papi. I wrote your message word for word in yellow. Then you sat down at the table & traced over each letter of each word until you had created two whole letters. You must have spent at least an hour, patiently & carefully writing. You added your own special touch by drawing pictures at the bottom of each one.

You helped me fold the letters & stick them in their envelopes. Then you traced over the yellow writing I had used to address them. You gave each envelope some flare with pictures you drew & colorful stamps. We went to the postoffice together & you stuck your envelope in the mail slot all by yourself.

When Nonnie & Papi received their mail, you talked to them on the phone about it. You smiled from ear to ear at their excitement over your very first letters. Cutest thing ever.

Now you're loving letter writing. You've written birthday letters & thank you letters. Today we will be tackling what you perhaps consider your most important letter of all: your first letter to Santa. I'm so excited for your very first year of Santa letter writing. We're even going to go to the special, big, red mailbox at Macy's to send it out.

Now that you have a new found love for letter writing, you hope it doesn't all go one way. "Well, you know, mom, it would be nice if someone sent me a letter. I hope I get some letters for my birthday." I'm sure we can try to arrange that.

Little do you know, I've been writing letters to you for over two years now, & I'm looking forward to the day when you can read them all.

I love you so,

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