Monday, November 24, 2014

Drunken Picasso Date Night

Dear Em,
So many of my favorite moments are with you, but it's sometimes nice for Daddy & I to get out for a date night.  We're really lucky to have a great support system of babysitters family. Last weekend while you played with Grandma & Papa, Daddy & I were able to enjoy a child free night of Drunken Picasso.

This was our first time painting scenes on canvases & I wasn't sure how it would go. I would call myself crafty, but I am far from a painter...or an artist. The only time I've seen Daddy paint is when we're painting pumpkins. I wondered if we should just paint on the same canvas. Ruining one canvas would be better than ruining two, right? In the end, we decided it didn't matter how awful our paintings might look, we were just going to have fun.

We had a really great instructor. He made painting look easy. Being the perfectionist I am, at first I was looking for very specific instructions. Our instructor was very patient with me. Having a glass of wine next to my canvas helped. As I looked around at everyone else's canvases, I realized art is not about very specific instructions. Everyone's process is slightly different, & that is what makes art unique & amazing.

So, while you were happily doing this...

We were having so much fun doing this...

These were our final works of art (& I say final knowing that I will likely play with mine for a while at home before I am finally done with it. Sigh. Perfectionist problems).

Not bad for mine & Daddy's very first canvas paintings, right? Isn't it amazing how we were all painting the same scene & yet each painting is a little bit different? Some of us painted birch trees, & some of us painted brown trunks with big notches in them. Some of us painted royal blue skies & some of us pale blue. Some of us painted autumn leaves that were just beginning to change color, & some of us painted darker leaves that would soon be falling to the ground. I loved them all, & I was so glad we were able to enjoy the artistic experience with fun friends.

We brought our paintings home, & you were thrilled to see what we had created. You beamed at them but then gave me a look full of pity. You very solemnly told me Daddy's painting was the best, because he had painted his trees using the correct colors. "Trees don't have white on them, Mommy." I guess you've never seen birch trees? Clearly if you had been the instructor, you would have given more specific instructions. You told me that I would need to have many more art classes before I could truly become an artist.

Sigh, maybe I will have to sign up for more Drunken Picasso date nights with Daddy until my artistc skills are up to par. Ha!

I love you so,

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