Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Orange Slices & Soccer Balls

You chose #7, because your best friend S is 7.
Dear Em,
I can't believe another soccer season has already come to an end. We were so blessed this year. You had the most incredible coach. He was so positive & encouraging. At each break in action, he always took a moment to highlight the good that each player had done. His hand was always outstretched for a high five.

You had a small team of only five players (of which you were the youngest), but you guys were great. You got along really well, encouraged each other, & worked together. Daddy & I really enjoyed watching you all while we got to know other families from our community.

As for you, you had fun & that's what is truly important. We're pretty positive we will not be seeing you play soccer in the Olympics & probably not even in high school. While you ran all over the field, you mostly ran after your teammates, smiling as you went along. You had a few breakaway moments, but you mostly avoided the ball completely. In fact, quite a few times it landed right in front of you & you jumped away from it.

It was perplexing for Daddy & I to watch. When you practice with us in the yard, you are aggressive at taking the ball away from us & maneuvering it toward your goal. When you play on a field with your peers, your competitive nature disappears. You're mostly happy to be running around alongside your team & eating orange slices on the sidelines.

While you didn't make much contact with the soccer ball at age 4, we're happy with what we did gain from soccer this year. We got to spend time outside during the most beautiful time of year in New England. We got to spend time as a family, & because we got up & out before we normally would have, we were able to fit in other fun adventures (like the Umbrella Factory). You got to learn more about being on a team, & I think there are important lessons in that for an only child. You also got to spend time playing with other kids from our community. Daddy & I work & you go to school outside of our community. I can't tell you how nice it was to meet kids (& their families) that are going to the school you will be going to next year. It makes my heart happy that you will know a few adorable friends already when you enter the halls of your elementary school for the very first time.

We're hoping to try soccer again next year, but not because we're hoping to mold you into a soccer star (although, we're kind of hoping you won't be afraid of the ball next year). As long as you continue to go out onto the field & try your best, as long as you continue to make friends, as long as you are smiling, as long as you're still having fun...well, then you'll see Daddy & I on the sidelines cheering you on.

I love you so,

P.S. Also see the end of soccer last year.

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