Monday, July 27, 2015

First Bike Ride On the South County Bike Path

Dear Em,
Don't let the title of this post fool you. You've been on the South County Bike Path tons of times, but last month you biked along on your own bike for the first time. We had been pulling you around in a trailer since you were two. Last year, I sold the trailer during our yard sale. We knew you would be growing out of it soon, & you had a bike of your own. We mostly rode our bikes around our neighborhood last year. At first, you were pretty shaky on the bike. A year & a half later, you love showing us how fast you can zoom around on your bike.

Nonnie & Papi were up for a visit, & it was a cloudy day. It was too chilly for a beach day, but I wanted to do something active outside. So, we decided to go on your first solo bike ride on the South County Bike Path. We would go at your pace, & go only as far as your cute, little legs could take you.

You were the most adorable biker I'd ever seen, with your pink bike helmet & handlebar pompoms. Your baby doll sat in the basket of your bike. You would shout to her to push the go button & then you would pedal your legs as fast as you could. You pedaled like a champ.

At the two mile mark, I suggested we turn around. You were super bummed. You weren't done biking yet & wanted to go farther. I explained to you we still had to bike all the way back, & you agreed to turn around. All in all, you biked about 4.5 miles & had a blast. I was so proud of my adorable biker.

I'm so glad that you loved our little bike trip, & that it's an activity that we can share as a family. We will definitely be making tons & tons of family bike trips along the bike path in the future. Thanks for being my little biking buddy.

I love you so,

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