Friday, July 31, 2015

love letters

Dear Em,

"I know I should take cover, hide inside these four walls

But baby I surrender, it all
'Cause you're a force of nature

Look at what you've doneI can taste the danger but I don't wanna run"
- Force of Nature by Bea Miller

The rest of this song doesn't really apply to you, but I loved the phrase "force of nature." It's so you. You are a bouncing, twirling, bounding, running, crashing, jump first-think later type of gal. You are forever falling down & bouncing back up with a thumbs up & an "I OK." You may have fractured your ankle, but even putting you in a cast hasn't slowed you down at all. You're still bouncing, twirling, & running circles around us- except you're doing it with a cast. The other day you tried to climb up onto the your cast. That was where I finally put my foot down.

When most people think of weapons, 5 year olds wearing cast probably don't come to mind...but they should. You are dangerous with that thing. I'm pretty sure before you get the cast off your foot, we will probably all need casts as well the way you accidentally run into us/kick us/step on us/fall on top of us with it. You are another accident waiting to happen. Ha!

I love you so much, my little force of nature. For a little body, you pack a great punch.

I love you so,

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