Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Halloween 2015

Dear Em,
This year for Halloween, you were a gorgeous purple butterfly.

Our Halloween celebrations started a week before Halloween. Your school held a Fall Spooktacular. I got to help put the event together, & I couldn't believe the hard work the PTO put in to throw such a fun event. The decorations were so fun. There was a photo booth, crafts, a DJ, & fall snacks galore. We had a blast.

We carved pumpkins on the Thursday night before Halloween. Daddy carved out the minnie mouse you had picked, & I went with a nautical theme & carved a lighthouse.

We continued with our annual tradition of meeting up with your best friend & her family to go trick or treating at Mystic Village. The two of you were so stinkin' cute & had such a blast together. The hardest part of it all was contianing your large, butterfly wings. You're already like a bull in a China shop. Pair that with a set of wings that stick out & you were bumping into everyone & everything. Ha!

Savanna came back home with us, & the two of you trick or treated together in our naighborhood. Our neighborhood is small & doesn't get many trick or treaters. You both got handfuls of candy at almost every house. Your bags were overflowing by the time you got home. We offered you lots of candy that night, but you & Savanna were too busy playing barbies & writing your own books to be bothered by candy. Ha!

So, now I'm living in a house with an over abundance of candy. This is not good.

I love you so,

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