Thursday, October 29, 2015

One Fun Fall Saturday

Dear Em,
We had such a fun fall Saturday this past weekend. Our friends had driven up from the New York City area (you fondly refer to them as Aunt Erin & Uncle Matt). Wanting to show them the best of Rhode Island & knowing rain was on the forecast for Sunday, we jam packed our Saturday with as many of our favorite fall activities as we could.

It started with a 5 year old birthday party at The Farmer's Daughter. We don't typically take our out of state friends to birthday parties of children they don't know, but the party was at a farm. So we figured, why not? We had planned on having some pumpkin patch fun, & this way you could also celebrate one of your dearest friends.

We watched you have a blast with you little friends, going on a hayride, picking out a pumpkin, & painting your pumpkin. You hit a pinata & collected candy. It truly was the perfect fall birthday party.

After you hugged all your little friends goodbye, we explored the farm ourselves. It took us a little while to pick out the perfect pumpkins to take home.

After we had purchased our pumpkins, we had fun at some of the other farm activities. You worked your way through a hay bale maze. Everybody slingshot pumpkins at scarecrow targets. We all got lost in the corn maze. Although there was a flock of bird nearby making ominous, horror movie bird sounds, everything else about the corn maze was hilarious. At each fork you would split up our group, ordering half of us to go one way & the other half to go the other way. Eventually, we all made it out together.

After the farm fun, you went to have a sleepover at Grandma & Papa's house. Matt, Erin, Daddy, & I began the adult portion of our Saturday. We went to Tilted Barn Brewery. I just love that there is a place near our house where we can taste beer in a barn & walk along a path filled with chickens.

We stopped to enjoy the fall foliage on the way to our next stop. The foliage was at its peak this past weekend. It made my heart so happy as we drove along backroads.

We took Erin & Matt to our favorite beach in Rhode Island. I promised them that after they climbed the giant dune, they would love the view. Of course, Napatree Point didn't disappoint.

We went into the night at Ocean House & Malted Barley (two of my favorite Westerly spots for very different reasons), & returned home exhausted from our full fall day. Luckily, Sunday was the perfect grey day for us to relax & recover from our busy Saturday. We mostly watched movies & football & ate a lot of yummy food. Although I felt a little guilty about not getting out of the house, I think it's what we all needed.

I'm so thankful for our beautiful fall Rhode Island weekend. The best part was sharing it with friends & family, & the excited smile that spread across your adorable face.

I love you so,

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