Monday, October 19, 2015

Our Family New Hampshire Adventure 2015: Santa's Village

Dear Em,
I would have been happy to spend all of our New Hampshire get-away hiking & taking in the gorgeous foliage, but you & Daddy are thrill seekers. If the two of you were going to New Hampshire, you wanted to include an amusement park in the itinerary. The two of you planned to spend a big chunk of the day riding on roller coasters, & I planned to happily stand on the ground & take pictures.

We let you choose between Story Land or Santa's Village. We had been to both. I think you would take any chance to see Santa that you can get. Ha! Santa's Village it was!

Santa's Village was the perfect amusement park for you this year. It was just the right size. We didn't make it on everything, but we went on everything that we wanted to get to. You were tall enough for all the rides, & went on your favorites multiple times. You & Daddy rocked all the roller coaster type rides with huge smiles across your face. The girl in pink with her hands up? Yup, that's my daughter.

Luckily there were also rides that were more my pace. My favorites were the ferris wheel (at the top, there is an incredible view of foliage filled mountains) & a new ride that was a mix of the giant slide & snow tubing.

In between, there are a ton of cute activities & adorable photo opportunities. You had a blast using clues to find elves throughout the park. At each elf, you punched a hole into a card. When you had found them all, you returned to Elf University for a diploma & a pencil. 

It was an excellent day. There were no tears or meltdowns. There was just laughter & smiles & great family time. We didn't even seethe big man in red, but I think our day spent at Santa's Village was still absolutely perfect.

I love you so,

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