Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Our Family New Hampshire Adventure 2015: My Favorite Hot Tub

Dear Em,
You LOVE hot tubs. You seem to rate how much you like a home by whether or not a hot tub is included. Nonnie & Papi have one at their house, & they've talked about how we should get one too. I like hot tubs, but I really don't want to own one. All I can think of is cost & maintenance & how we would have to hire someone to fix it if ever it was broken. I don't think we'll ever be hot tub owners.

However, it is a nice bonus when we're vacationing.

I think my very favorite hot tub to visit is the one in the condo complex where we vacation in New Hampshire. It's at the base of Loon Mountain. When you combine the brisk fall air & gorgeous, foliage filled mountain views with the heat & relaxation of the hot tub. It's pretty close to a perfect vacation moment. During our most recent visit, we got to experience all of that in the midst of the most brilliant sunset. My heart was at peace.

Although, I wouldn't necessarily consider it relaxing. I was in the hot tub with you, after all. Hot tubbing with you is always an adventure...& very splashy. I don't know if most people do cannon balls into hot tubs, but you do. Ha!

I love you so,

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