Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Our Family New Hampshire Adventure 2015: Stopping by Portsmouth

Dear Em,
On our last day spent in New Hampshire, Daddy & I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. It was the day we would be traveling back home, but I wanted to do something fun. We had used the whole weekend adventure to celebrate our anniversary & our little family, but I wanted to do something on the official day.

I had heard great things about Portsmouth & asked Daddy if he wanted to take a detour on the way home to check it out. Seeing that it is home to many breweries & fun restaurants, Daddy was excited to check it out. However, after loading up into the car, I realized neither of us had actually planned out anything to see or do while we were there.

Daddy went online & looked up some restaurants & attractions during our drive out there. We made some tentative plans & decided we would play our Portsmouth adventure by ear. We parked our car, ready to walk around & explore. Unfortunately, with only a few hours to spend in Portsmouth & extremely loose plans, we didn't really see the best of Portsmouth. Mostly we just checked out the shops & ate a lot. It probably wasn't the best Portsmouth trip, but we still had fun.

We checked out a bookstore cafe. On the bar was an old typewriter. You were so excited to type out your very first sentence: I love you mom and dad. "Mom, I'm typing just like Kit Kittredge!"

We ended our day in a toy store. There was a man creating silhouettes. Using nothing but the black paper & scissors, I can't believe how quickly & expertly he created your silhouette. He stuck one of them inside of a book he had authored & signed it for you. 

Mama, Let's Make A Moon is such a sweet little story. We've read it multiple times since we returned home. Sometimes Daddy & I read it to you, & sometimes you read it to us. Always, it reminds me of our precious trip to New Hampshire & the amazing adventures I got to share with my little family.

I love you so,

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