Thursday, October 1, 2015

TBT: Our Fairy Princess Tea Party

Dear Em,
Today we're throwing it way back to a little over a month ago. Ha! You've been obsessed with Princesses for a long time now, but Fairy Princesses are now all the rage too. You've made tiny houses for them. You're constantly trying to find food (nuts) & blankets (perfectly shaped & sized leaves) for them to leave where you think they might find them. You even write about them.

"Toads eat fairies. 
Fairies eat flowers :) 
and leaves :|
Fairies take baths in
But Yuck :( But Cool!!!! :o
Fairies live everywhere."

You also asked me if you could have lots of play dates with your gal pals during the summer. We had a couple with your best friend, but between your ankle injury & our already busy summer, you didn't end up having much time to spend with your girlfriends. What we lacked in quantity, I decided to make up for in quality. I asked all of your little, best friends over for a Fairy Princess Tea Party.

I didn't tell you that our home would be filled with seven other adorable fairy princesses until the day before. You were so excited as we set up for the party. I purchased fairy wings & flower headpieces for super cheap. We hung them on the chairs around our dining table for your guests to find once they arrived.

Then we set the table with pink flowers & the fancy china. It was a tea party after all.

Daddy made peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, & I cut them into fun shapes (not wanting to waste good food, Daddy & I ate peanut butter & jelly crusts for the next two days). We also set the table with fruit & yogurt, pretzels & crackers. I set up a platter of fancy cookies for dessert.

You got dressed in a fairy princess dress & put on your flower headpiece & wings. Then you waited for your little guests to arrive. The anticipation was killing you (it's a good thing I waited to tell you about the party until the day before).

As the girls arrived, they picked out their headpieces & wings. Then everyone went out into the backyard to play. I had picked up wooden "fairy houses," "fairy masks," & frames for everyone to paint. I think you girls probably would have rather played around the yard, but you all had fun painting too. Meanwhile, all of the moms chatted & cooed over how cute you all were together.

We headed inside & out of the hot sun for the tea party. First we washed all of the backyard dirt off our proper, little fairies. Then you all sat down to eat. With all of the moms helping, it was so seamless. Soon you all had heaping plates of food, & full cups of pink lemonade. I only had a few heart attacks about the china, but mostly you girls were perfect, little fairy princesses. Cheers!

We put on the Tinker Bell movie in the living room for the fairy princesses to watch while the others were finishing their tea. The movie was mostly short lived. You girls wanted to play.

The mamarazzi snapped a couple group photos before letting you go to run around. Charlie wanted to be a fairy princess too.

The fairy princesses played outside & in, on the trampoline & swing set & hammock & in your bedroom. There were a few fairy princess arguments & a few tears, but mostly everyone had a blast.

When the time came for the party to end, you tearfully hugged your besties goodbye. It had been such a fun & adorable afternoon, & it was a little hard for everyone that it had come to an end. I was so glad that everyone enjoyed the tea party, & that you were able to share your day with such sweet friends. We will have to invite the fairy princesses over for another day of fun sometime soon!

I love you so,

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