Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birthday Party for Little Loves: Decorations & Favors

Dear Em,
This is a four part Series covering your Luau Birthday Party. You can also read about the Luau Party LocationLuau Party Invites, & Luau Party Food

I think we've started a theme with your birthday parties. So, far we've had a lot of fun "decorating" all the attendees each time. Last year your garden party was full of kids dressed up like little flowers & bees. This year your luau was filled with hula dancers.

With your party being at the Children's Museum, there wasn't much of a need to decorate the location. It already looked fun. The only thing we really did was put a "Happy Birthday Emma" sign up on the cork board (we reused the sign that Grandma made you last year) & lined the food table with some grass skirts.

Clearly we needed more decorations than that, right? So, we encouraged everyone who came to the party to become part of the decorations & dress up. We put grass skirts, leis, funky glasses, & flower clips into baskets in one of the corners of the room. I bought almost everything at five below & Oriental Trading Company. Super cheap & super fun= exactly right. Everyone could put on as much or as little as they wanted.

Oh-Em-Gee, it was the cutest thing...especially the glasses. You all were the most adorable decorations I'd ever seen. Even the adults had some know Daddy & I were in when it came to dressing up.

In hindsight, our choices weren't quite as fun for the boys. While we did have leis & grass skirts in a variety of colors, most of the boys didn't seem all that excited about putting those on. At least we had temporary tattoos. Those were a hit with the boys & the girls. You had your very first tattoo...& then another...& then another. I think you would have spent the whole day filling your body with temporary tattoos if we let you. Daddy & I are a little worried about when you start thinking about real tattoos.

We also gave out hibiscus mini cups (I liked these coconut cups but was worried about spills), passes for a future visit to the Providence Children's Museum, & gift certificates to the gift shop as favors. Those made the boys & girls happy.

I think we'll continue our theme of decorating your party attendees. I already have some great ideas for the next couple years...ideas that are boy & girl friendly.

Next week we'll get to the heart of the matter & talk food. Your birthday cake was so fun. I cant wait to tell you all about it.

I love you so,

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