Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Birthday Party for Little Loves: Garden Party Favors

Dear Em,
This is a four part Series covering your Garden Birthday Party. You can also read about the Garden Party InvitesGarden Party Decorations, & Garden Party Food

Of all the things from last year's garden party, I think I enjoyed putting together the favors the most. We ended up with a fun variety of favors. When the kids first arrived, there was a basket full of hats & headbands, all from the Target dollar section (love the Target dollar section). There were different colored flower headbands, shamrock headbands, cute little bee beanies, & little froggy hats too. Some of the kids wore them, some just took the hats home later. Either way, it was pretty darn cute.

Next, we put together fun gift bags. We bought plain purple & green bags & decorated them with the first initial of each child that was coming. We used pretty paper from the craft store & letter stencils to make the initials. The bags were filled with coloring books & crayons, bubbles, temporary tattoos, books, silly string, & water squirters for each child to take home.

My favorite favor was the flower pot each child got to bring home. It was my favorite, it was a favor and a party activity. The kids had so much fun planting them at the party. So, maybe the parents did most of the work. It was still super fun to watch families plant together.

I bought the terracotta pots at a craft store for $.99 each. We used a green sharpie to write the first initial of each child on the pots. We bought potting soil & plants from the hardware store. I think we found your little shovels & bee watering can a Toys R Us. You still like to use the shovels & the watering can when we do gardening projects together.

I think the favors were fun but pretty easy projects. They were also fairly inexpensive. You were the absolute cutest in your little flower headband. Actually, you continue to be the cutest in your little flower headbands, because we use all the leftovers for dress-up. Win, win!

I've had so much fun thinking back on your garden party. Next week will be the last of the garden party recaps. I saved the best party for last: food!

I love you so,

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