Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When it starts to feel creepy...

Dear Em,
We're in the middle of putting your bedroom together. There is furniture & mess everywhere...it's kind of my nightmare. I won't be able to truly rest until everything is in it's place.

Last night we were talking about the transition into your new room. Your daddy was talking about moving your video monitor into it. We love your video monitor. With it, we've watched the private singing concerts you've put on in your crib (twinkle twinkle is one of your favorites). We watch you pull books into your crib & read to your stuffed animals. We've even watched you put Minnie Mouse into time-out because she was not listening to you. It's been amazing to capture those precious moments that we'd know nothing about without your video monitor.

It's also nice to use the monitor to see when you've finally fallen asleep or when you're quietly waking up. Rather than waking you up with the sound of opening your bedroom door, it's convenient to be able to silently peek in. With this change into a new room & big-girl bed, the video feed will help us to see if you're staying in your bed now that you won't be in a crib anymore.

As we talked about this transition, your daddy started thinking ahead to some of the next transitions in life. "When do we stop using the video monitor?" he asked. I hadn't really thought about it, but it made me sad in my heart to do so. I cherish the precious moments we capture with the video feed.

Having no definitive answer, I answered with "I guess when it starts to feel creepy we'll stop using it? When she starts to want her privacy?"

"So, when she's thirty years old?" Daddy replied.

No, not thirty. I'm not sure when. I'm just glad that today is not the day.

I love you so,

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