Monday, June 25, 2012

Goodbye Crib

Dear Em,
This weekend was jam-packed full with wedding events, projects, & adventures. It was also filled with yet another milestone. You no longer sleep in your "cribby."

Friday night was your very first night sleeping in your big-girl bed. You've been super excited. We've been working on your room for two weeks. As we placed each new thing in your room, your eyes lit up with anticipation of having a new big-girl room.

The strange thing about this milestone? Daddy & I weren't exactly there for it...& that was a little sad for us. Your new bed was put in on Friday & the guest bed was moved into your old room. Your daddy & I had a rehearsal dinner to go to on Friday night & knew we would miss your bedtime. We also knew we had lots of company staying with us, & we needed a guest room. So, your nonnie & my cousin put you to bed in your big-girl bed for the very first time.

Daddy & I still got to be there the first time you saw your big-girl bed. You jumped right up & stretched  & rolled across it, a huge smile covering your sweet little face. You giggled & awed & ooed in excitement. But only for a few moments. You immediately became worried about your lamby & other stuffed animal friends being able to make the transition with you into your new room. As soon as I assured you that lamby & the rest could come too, the smile reappeared on your face. You ran down the hall to your crib & started pulling your lovies out & running them back down the hall to your new room. You are so precious.

Daddy quickly took your crib apart to make room in the new guest room (your old room). It was kinda weird. We were in such a rush to get things done & get out the door on time, I didn't have any time to really take it all in. I mean, your crib is gone. I remember helping your daddy put that crib together. My belly was large & round with baby & I carried dreams in my heart of what you would be like. I remember the first time you slept through the night in your crib, the first time you stood up in your crib, the first time you threw everything out of your crib.

Sigh, it all has sped by so fast. Now you're a big-girl in a big-girl bed. How did that happen?

Your nonnie reported that you did great your very first night in your new room. You sang & told stories for a while before you fell asleep, but that's typical. You never tried to get out of your new bed or cried with unfamiliarity. Like all the rest, you were ready for this next milestone. Yet again, it was your daddy & I who weren't quite ready & were holding on to the little bit of babyness you had left.

It's official. We have a big-girl, a walking/talking/potty trained/big-girl bed sleeping/stubborn/sweet big-girl.

I love you so,

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