Thursday, June 7, 2012

a post about poo & pee

Dear Em,
We can't believe how amazing you've taken to potty training. Sure, we've had a few bumps & accidents, but that's to be expected when you're learning something new.

Here are some things we've learned through our potty training experience...

- For a while I was afraid to take you out of the house. We couldn't very well take your potty seat with us, but it grossed me out thinking of you going potty on public toilets. I asked a friend about it. She bought disposable toilet seat covers for her daughter. We bought them too & love them. It's much easier than spreading toilet paper over the seat, they flush right down the toilet, & I think the sesame street pictures made big, public toilets less scary for you. Sigh, I love when there are other mommies who have gone through a stage with their kids before I have with you & we get great pointers.

- You're very social as you go potty. You like to give us potty commentary. "There's more poop in there," you grunt as you sit on the toilet (referring to inside your body). You also like to look down as you sit & watch the potty process. It's really hilarious. One day you told us, "there's weeds in my poop!" I looked to see what weeds could possibly be...I'm going to stop there before we get into an in-depth poop conversation. I'll just tell you it wasn't weeds.

- You've had a few accidents, but many times when we went to get you from school & you were wearing different clothes it was because you had peed on your outfit while going on the toilet. We had to work on making sure you scoot your bum back & lean forward a little bit. Holding up dresses was kinda a process at first too. Now you're a pro.

- You like to talk to your poop & pee. "Bye-bye pee-pees," you exclaim as you flush the toilet. "Come out poop," your order as you sit.

- You still wear a diaper for naps & bed only. We talk to you about not going in your diaper before we put it on you. When it's time to take it off, you get really excited & celebrate when it's still dry. For a while, your diapers were always dry. Your daddy actually accidently put you down for a nap without putting a diaper on you. We were both sighing with relief when I got you & your clothes were still dry. Recently it's been about 50/50 if you're dry or wet, but you've been sleeping later (almost 8am most days). We could wake you up earlier to have you go on the potty...BUT, your daddy & I enjoy our sleep. I realize this may bite us in the bum later when it's a difficult process for you to go completely diaper free. Right now I don't care about that. I mean, I have a 2 1/2 year old who lets me sleep until almost 8am on weekends. I'm going to milk that for all it's worth.

- At school, you would tell your teachers when you had to go. At home, we've found you wait until we ask you to go. Maybe it's because at school other kids were telling your teachers they have to go? So, we ask you to go once an hour whether you've said you have to go or not. It actually works out. Typically I have to go, & it reminds me to remind you.

- It's an amazing feeling not having to change poopy diapers anymore. I was a little scared of how we would do in the outside world without the security of having diapers. It actually feels really liberating. We had debated about putting pull-ups on you the day you were a flower girl (I mean, you only have one flower girl dress). In the end, we knew you could do it & you did! Looking back, I'm so glad we didn't go the pull-up route. Having to change you would've only made the whole hectic day more stressful.

You've done so well & we're so very proud/thankful we don't have to change anymore poopy diapers. Thank you for being you.

I love you so,


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