Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thanks a lot, Disney...

Dear Em,
Recently, you've been overheard saying things like:

"It's hopeless."

"It's hard to be a teenager."

"It's not possible."

and my very favorite...

"My mother just doesn't understand me."

At first, I was all like "where in the world is this coming from?" I don't even know that the word "hopeless" should be a part of a 2.5 year old's vocabulary. After asking you what I don't understand & telling you that I understand that I love you (& wondering why the heck I'm having this conversation with a 2.5 year old) for the 44th time, I actually started to listen to the words they were saying in the movie you were watching.

You've watched The Little Mermaid 3 frequently in the past few months, & it turns out all of these one lines are straight out of the movie. In the movie, Ariel has a child & the child is just as rebellious as Ariel was when she was younger. Her daughter almost gets them all killed in her love for adventuring. Clearly you are too young to understand the irony of how well Ariel (as a mommy) understands her daughter afterall. Instead, the movie has armed you with the words of a teenager.

And suddenly, parenting has gotten more challenging.

Thanks. Thanks a lot, Disney.

I love you so,


  1. lol! Oh little Em, she's something. And hearing this makes me glad that S has no interest in watching full length movies. (I didn't even know there was a Little Mermaid 3...haha)

  2. Haha! Just you wait, Megan! Our family has gifted us so many Disney movies...hence Little Mermaid 3.


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