Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Weekend Recap

Dear Em,
We had an amazing Father's Day weekend. Since my daddy lives in North Carolina, it's not often I get to celebrate with him in person. Last Wednesday, he surprised us by telling us he was flying up this weekend. So, this Father's Day weekend we got to spend time with your daddy, your papa, & your papi. It was so much fun.

On Saturday, your daddy & I took papa & papi on a Newport adventure. We went to the Newport Storm brewery to do a tour & tasting. It was so fun to learn about the brewing process & to find out that Newport Storm was started by a bunch of college friends who really liked beer. They had a dream & now they're living it right here in Newport.

Cheers to celebrating Father's Day with my daddy.
The dads standing where all the brewing magic happens.
Tasting beer with three of the best Dads I know.
Afterwards, we took them out to lunch at Coddington Brew Pub, a place your daddy has been hoping to go for a while. The food was yummy, & getting to spend time with just the dads was the best. As we crossed back over the Newport Bridge, we could see planes from the air show zooming by. My heart was so happy after spending the afternoon with three special guys.

On Sunday morning, we woke up early & let your daddy sleep late. You, Nonnie, Papi & I took a drive out to Narragansett to check out the Point Judith lighthouse & the Narragansett wall.

Then we picked up some crabs & lobsters in Galilee, right where the fishing boats come in. There were tons of lobsters! You liked that some of them had "pink bracelets" around their claws. You were happy to check them out, but didn't want them to get too close.

We went home to pick up a well rested Daddy & our cousin. We loaded into two cars, but Papi & Daddy had no idea where we were going. They were surprised when we pulled into Gillette Stadium. We had Five Guys burgers & fries for lunch before heading over to the stadium to tour the Patriots museum.

A precious moment with Daddy & Papi.

It was your papi's very first time at Gillette Stadium & it was so fun to share that special experience with him. You were excited to see "where Tom Brady lives." We got to pretend we were part of the offensive line, try to kick a field goal, use instant replay to review penalty calls, & stand in the huddle with the team. There was a short movie about the history of the Patriots. After being a fan for so long, Papi said the movie almost brought tears to his eyes.

Standing in the huddle at the Patriots museum.

Our little family outside Gillette Stadium.
We returned home to enjoy a yummy little lobster bake. Well, Nonnie, Papi, Daddy, our cousin, & I enjoyed the lobster bake. You were pooped & went straight to bed.

It was an amazing weekend. The best part? Sharing the weekend with our family & three of the best dads we know was incredible. These three dads give us so much love & joy. We're so fortunate to have such amazing guys in our lives, & it was a blast celebrating them.

I love you so,

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