Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Craftiness

Dear Em,
I love projects. When things get crazy & we don't have time for crafts, my soul feels like something is missing. I just need that artistic outlet.

In general, we are busy people. I feel like I blink & a whole month has gone by. The past couple months have been no exception. Your kiwi crates have piled up. I've looked at fall crafts posted online with longing. I just had to get my craft on, & I realized if I didn't make time there wouldn't be any time.

So, I just squeezed it in. I squeezed Halloween costume crafts at night, when I probably should have been in bed (I can't wait to show you what I created). We squeezed pumpkin painting in on a busy day when I realized I had pushed it back for three days & couldn't bear to tell you we didn't have time for it again. We squeezed Halloween gift making in between dinner & bath time. We squeezed in pumpkin carving during football (you know how hard it was for me to convince Daddy to join us?!).You know what? I was a little tired, but my heart was so happy to have spent this month getting our craft on.

I'm so glad we squeezed in time to make Halloween hangers this month. First I took you outside for a little Halloween photo shoot. We printed out our favorite photo & three of our favorite photos from the previous three years. While I set out cutting & gluing, you worked on your own little project for Nonnie & Papi (we'll talk more about this later).

We made one for us, one for Grandma & Papa, & one for Nonnie & Papi. I think my favorite part about it is being able to see how much you've grown each year & remembering all the fun we had in Halloweens past. It reminds me of how far you've come & how far we've come along as a family. You love saying hi to Strawberry you, Little Bo Peep you, Lamb you, & Rose you every time you walk past our front door.

Thanks for being my little craft buddy, even on the busy day.

I love you so,

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