Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Dear Em,
Is it really your fourth Halloween? It puts a smile in my heart that you get a little more excited about the holiday each and every year. From helping me decorate the house to dancing through corn mazes, Halloween is one of your favorite holidays. This year you are a sweet, little pink rose. I saw the costume last summer, fell in love with it, & hoped you'd agree to wearing it this year. Luckily, it's your favorite color & you love flowers. We put it on for a little photo shoot last week, & I was amazed at how grown up you look this Halloween. I remember you toddling around your very first year as a Strawberry, how you could barely say "trick or treat" as Little Bo Peep, & how little you seemed as a sweet Lamb. I think a flower is fitting for you this year, because you're growing like a weed.

You aren't alone in dressing up for Halloween this year- Daddy & I dressed up too. I'm happy to report that we got creative this year. Last year we just wore skeleton pajamas. Although it is kinda nice when you can go right to bed after a party without having to change your clothes, I felt kinda guilty for having really lazy costumes.

This year I was determined to be more original, but it's really tough to come up with a couples costume that Daddy will agree to. I must have had a million ideas that he nixed this year, but then I saw one that I knew he would love. While Daddy isn't incredibly artsy, he does have a favorite artist. When Daddy was home sick or just wanted to relax when he was growing up, one of his favorite things to watch was Bob Ross, the painter. So this year Daddy got to dress up as Bob Ross & I got to dress up as his painting.

Daddy looked hilarious &...well...very hairy. He was complete with a mustache, beard, chest hair, & a huge mass of frizzy curls on his head. While I originally planned to iron a printed photo of one of Bob Ross's paintings onto a white shirt, at the last minute I decided to try to paint an imitation of his work instead. It was kind of fun. All I could think while I painted was "I'm painting happy little, trees." What do you think? Kinda close?

From here.

Even Charlie joined in on the costume fun this year. You & I picked out a great little sailor suit for him. I can't say that he loved it, but I'm sure he is glad he got to celebrate too.

Unfortunately Joey will not be joining in on the family fun. You asked us what Joey was going to be this year, & we told you Joey is just going to be a grouch. I don't think any of us are willing to risk getting our faces scratched off to get a costume on him.

I can't wait to join you for the Halloween party & parade at your school today. I love being able to see all the adorable kids all dressed up. Afterwards, we'll head down to Mystic for our fourth year of trick or treating with little S & her family. Holidays are so stinkin' fun now that there is you. Everything seems so much more magical.

I love you so,

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