Friday, November 1, 2013

Love Letters

Dear Em,
"You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way."
- Walter Hagen

We had such a sweet Halloween...for our little flower the sweetness was very literal (candy, cupcakes, & ice cream- oh my!). I woke you up in the morning to tell you that the RedSox had won the World Series! "Oh my goodness! I'm just so excited," you squeezed your hands together in delight. I beamed, proud that we had already cultivated a RedSox fan in you. But then you clarified your excitement. "Today is Halloween," you exclaimed. Ok, so maybe your excitement wasn't about the RedSox, but I would gladly take the rare morning happiness regardless.

Your happiness was short lived that morning. I got you dressed in a RedSox dress, & that was when disaster struck. "But I NEED to put my rose costume on," you screamed. I explained to you that we were sending you to school in regular clothes, & your teachers would be putting your costume on you later- the same as we've done every year. I promised that your costume was already packed & ready to go to school. It didn't help. You had dreams of wearing your costume ALL DAY.

I tried playing the "Cup Song," my go-to song that has made our mornings bearable. It didn't help this time. Then I had a genius idea, surely Lamby needed a Halloween costume. Would she like to be a princess? You and I grabbed one of your princess doll dresses & you began to dress Lamby in costume while I wrangled with your bed-head & tried to fix your hair.

We all ran out the door for work & school, but I met you later for your Halloween party at school. I wicked love your school Halloween parties. It is cuteness times a million. It's so fun to see all the different littles in sweet, tiny costumes. There were minions, Disney princesses, pirates, & Doc McStuffins galore! Your school parties also give me a chance to see what you do while you're in school. We made a few projects & had snack together. One of your highlights of the party was sharing with your class our annual owl cupcakes that you had helped me bake the night before.

The party ended with a fun school parade, & we headed to meet Daddy. It was raining. It was actually pouring, & I was a little worried about our plans to trick or treat at Mystic Village as we've done in the past (2012, 2011, & 2010). Trick or treating in a raincoat just wasn't going to give you the same flower effect. The forecast seemed to say that the rain would stop shortly after five, but Daddy wasn't hopeful. We drove down to Mystic & just hoped for the best.

We were all thrilled that just as we arrived, the rain stopped. You were more thrilled to join your very best friend, who was dressed as the cutest Henry Hugglemoster (She was "roarsome"). Due to all the rain, Mystic Village was far less packed than last year, & our little rose had such a fun time trick or treating with her little Hugglemonster. I can't believe how much you two have grown. Watching the two of you hold hands & exclaim, "trick or treat" made my heart melt. 

After trick or treating we said goodbye to Henry Hugglemonster & her family & headed to McDonald's for a quick family dinner. As we arrived, the woman at the counter had two vanilla ice cream cones in her hands with no one to give them to. "I don't want to waste them, is it OK if I give them to her?" She looked down out you. Sigh. Why not? What better way to start dinner on Halloween than with ice cream?

We had such a fun family dinner at McDonald's. Daddy & I were laughing hysterically at you getting vanilla soft-serve EVERYWHERE. Your cone finally fell into his burger box, & we giggled at the fact that you were at McDonald's eating your ice cream out of a cardboard box. We asked you what your three favorite things were. You thought for a moment before smiling & telling us the things you loved best were the Halloween party, trick or treating with Henry Hugglemonster, & having dinner with Daddy & I. Who wouldn't love a dinner that started with ice cream?

We returned home exhausted & happy. Although we all couldn't wait to get into bed, I couldn't resist a mini photo shoot with our sailor, princess & rose.  

I showered the cupcake frosting, sticky candy, & ice cream off your body & out of your hair while Daddy had trick or treater duty. We had exactly two trick or treaters, which Daddy gave half a bag of candy to (hear that trick or treaters? Our house is the place to stop). We all headed to bed exhausted & happy that night. As we said our prayers, I thanked God that you find so much joy in the magic of Halloween. Your joy is a beautiful & infectious thing.

I love you so,

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