Monday, May 12, 2014

Little Love Art Show

Dear Em,
About a month ago you went to your very first art show. It was the sweetest art exhibit I've ever been to, because it was actually your art work & the art work of your classmates that was being exhibited. So much stinkin' adorableness.

Your school does some of the most amazing things with you kids. Along with all the other things that you do, your school provides you with the opportunity to participate in different activities during school hours. Art, gymnastics, karate, & soccer are just a few of the activities you kids can enjoy. You've been taking art since last year. When I got a note from the art teacher asking if we wanted you to participate in an art exhibit, I couldn't wait for the cuteness that would ensue.

Your art teacher chose different art pieces for you & your little classmates, & the artwork was displayed at T's Restaurant for a week before the school held an art show for all the kids & parents. Unfortunately, we had other plans for the night of the art show (but ended up having an awful stomach bug instead). I didn't want to miss out on the art exhibit, & I didn't want you to miss it either. So instead, I took you out of school for an hour so that we could enjoy a special lunch at T's Restaurant.

As we entered the restaurant, you were beyond excited to see your cousin's art work right through the front doors. We were encouraged to look around at the artwork before settling down at a lunch table. I loved watching you beam as you found the artwork of each of your friends. When we finally found your artwork, you were bubbling with excitement. "That one is mine! Look, Mom, there's my picture next to it. That's mine!" Then it was my turn to beam. You had made a beautiful piece in yellow, orange, and red colors. There was my little love's artwork, hanging professionally on a wall. It was a proud moment.

After that we enjoyed lunch, just the two of us. You could see your artwork & the artwork of many of your classmates from where we sat. That made you happy for a little while, but then you were too busy making new artwork as we waited for our food. You ate pancakes & I ate an omelet (I love places that still serve breakfast during lunchtime) while we talked about how our days were going.

The art exhibit & special lunch with my little love was definitely the highlight of my day.

I love you so,

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