Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Little Swimmer

Dear Em,
With the summer about to begin, Daddy & I hope our warm weather adventures include lots & lots of pool time. To prepare for that, we signed you up for swim lessons. While you are great in the water, you still use a swimmer to stay afloat. We hoped that swim lessons this spring would give you a jump start into possibly swimming on your own.

During our recent vacation in North Carolina, we realized two things.
1. You didn't need a jump start.
2. I'm really glad we signed you up for swim lessons.

During one afternoon at Nonnie & Papi's house, everyone was getting ready to swim in the pool. All the littles had their swimmies on. Before Nonnie could put your swimmer on, she watched you walk into the pool & glide to the deep end. Not wanting to alarm you, Nonnie didn't say anything. She closely watched you & got ready to jump in the pool to save you. This was when you swam on your own for the very first time. You did your little doggie paddle until you reached the ladder in the deep end- no swimmer, all by yourself!

While Nonnie was sure to put your swimmer on after that & remind you that you need your swimmer unless you're swimming with an adult, you spent the next week with Nonnie, Daddy, & I practicing swimming without it. By the end of our southern vacation, you were swimming on your own from one side of the pool to the other. I was so proud of you & how hard you were working at it. After each little swim, you would look up excitedly & say "again!"

I am also scared- really, really scared. I love the water. My parents have lovingly referred to me as their little fish. I love that you also love the water & that you've taken such a big step to swimming on your own. But you have no fear of the water. You jump right in, without fearing what could happen if no one is there to help you. That really scares me. What used to be my playground, looks like a death trap to me. All I can think of is "what if?" It just takes a second for me to turn my head & you to go under with no safe guard in place. A part of me doesn't want you swimming without a swimmer. A part of me doesn't want you swimming at all. A part of me just wants you safe.

But I know having that fear is part of parenting. Letting you soar is another part of parenting. So, I'm happy you've begun swim classes. I'm hoping they can teach you more about what to do if you're struggling in the water. I'm hoping they can teach you more about safety. I'm looking forward to you getting stronger as you swim & more confident in each little kick of your feet. And I'm looking forward to a fun water-filled summer with the cutest little swimmer I know.

I love you so,

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