Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our Spring 2014 Ohio Adventure

Dear Em,
A couple weeks ago we had the most amazing trip to Ohio. It was the first time since your aunt Jayme & I became mothers that we had a visit where no one was sick. Winning! With everyone healthy, Jayme & I got brave. We had three kids ages 4 & under (one of you a newborn). That may seem daunting for some- or maybe it just seemed daunting for me- but it didn't stop us. I was so thrilled to watch you experience some really fun & amazing things.

We started off easy with a trip to the supermarket. Jayme & I took two carts. Jayme took baby D, while you & T drove me around in a car cart. Not used to shopping with two kids, I remarked that you two were the loudest & rowdiest kids ever. A nearby shopper looked down at the two of you as you poked each other & screamed. She smiled at you fondly & said "they seem pretty tame to me." Ha! Clearly this is why I only have one child.

The next day we packed you three kids in the car (with everything in the world you could ever need, but of course Jayme & I forgot to pack ourselves lunch) & headed to the Cincinnati Zoo. This is our second time visiting, & the zoo is so large we've only been able to make it through half of it each time. It's really an incredible zoo. You had a blast learning about animals that are different than what we have at our zoo. You even pet some snakes & fed a camel.

We hit up the outlet shops the next day- all children's stores of course. You LOVE shopping. When you weren't helping me "find good deals," you were helping to push baby D in the stroller. There may have been a near melt down in Yankee Candle (our one non-children's store splurge- there were so many children & so many breakable things), but we got to follow it up with a picnic lunch & time on the playground. I can't stress this enough. Every outdoor shopping area should have a playground. It made for much happier little shoppers & therefore much happier mommies.

That evening we headed to the farm for a swim. It was such a fun surprise when T's grandfather asked us if we wanted to help feed the cows on the farm. What a cool experience.

The next day we visited Aunt Jayme's YMCA. I think she was using it as a bribe to try to get us to move to Ohio. They basically had a children's water park outside. You had a blast. Aunt Jayme & I juggled three kids, making sure you were fed & everyone stayed alive. Aunt Jayme asked if I remembered the days where we used to just lay by a pool & soak up sun. I fondly smiled as I remembered those quiet days. There haven't been many of them over the past four and a half years. Seriously though, I feel like people have three kids all the time. While all you kids were amazing, it was incredibly exhausting to keep you all alive & fed & happy- and I was only sharing the kids duties with Jayme. During nap time that day, I passed out. How do people do it in real life?

We had a BBQ that night & you roasted marshmallows in the fire pit.

We spent our last day with Jayme's family. Her mom pulled out Jayme's old My Little Ponies & Barbies. You were in heaven. You took a short break from Barbies & Ponies to study science with Jayme's dad. The two of you looked at stars & you decided that of all the elements, gold is your favorite. I'm raising a very expensive daughter.

We had such an amazing Ohio experience. I returned from our trip feeling a little burnt out but so thankful that we have had so many adventures in your lifetime. I love that we've been able to provide you with a place that you can call home & also provide you with experiences where you've been able to discover new places & learn different ways of life. I love that we've been able to share these adventures with people we love. I love that these adventures will help mold you into the woman you will become.

I love you so,

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